Frequently Asked Questions

Being an artist with us

I have responded to an availability enquiry but heard nothing back?

If you respond to an availability enquiry correctly via the link and before the cut-off time, you will always receive an automatic confirmation email to let you know we have received your response. If you do not receive the confirmation it means your response was not registered or you tried to respond after the cut-off time.

If we do not receive a response, you will normally not be contacted again regarding this job. Agents / agencies will generally only contact artists who have responded as available.

If you have responded as available for a job, there are functionalities in place on the POP platform to encourage and remind agents and agencies to always either confirm or release you from the job as soon as they hear back from production. Agents and agencies will always try to let the artists know as soon as possible the status of the job, but this can often be as late as the evening before the shoot day.

If you are waiting to hear from an agent / agency on a confirmation or release please be patient. If you have a question or query about your confirmation or release you will need to contact the agent / agency directly.