Frequently Asked Questions

Being an artist with us

My availability enquiry has timed out. What can I do?

All agents using the POP platform will try to give artists as much time as possible to respond to availability enquiries. However, due to the nature of the industry the turn around time is sometimes very short. Tight cut-offs are only set if production require the available options without delay. If you have missed the cut-off time and are unable to respond it is likely that the options have already been sent to production and unfortunately the opportunity for you to be put forward has been missed. If a tight cut-off time is set, the agent / agency will contact you via text and email. It is a recommended that you check your emails and phone frequently (if possible) in order to not miss those work opportunities. We do appreciate that when there is a tight turn around, some people who will have been available may not be able to respond, this will have no bearing on your standing with the platform.