Frequently Asked Questions

On Set

What will I be wearing? Should I bring a costume with me?

You will be informed before the shoot if you will be required to provide your own clothing (at the latest you will get details in the check-in email).</p>

If you are required to provide an outfit, try to bring at least three full options, which are clean and pressed. Avoid any logos or crazy patterns, but be sure to read the brief fully and follow that information.

If production are providing a costume for you to wear, it is normal for you to attend a fitting before the shoot date. (You will normally be paid a separate fee to attend the fitting).

Be aware, some costumes are uncomfortable, and you will probably be wearing them for the entire day. Please try not to complain about this, production will attempt to make you as comfortable as possible. Remaining positive in the face of discomfort is always appreciated by production.

It is a good idea to bring clothes appropriate for the weather, as you don’t always know when you will be shooting outside. For example, if you are working on a night shoot or in winter, bring a warm coat and waterproof shoes to wear over your costume in between takes or at lunchtime etc.