Frequently Asked Questions

On Set

When/where should I meet transport to the shoot?

Often production companies lay on transport to get people to set if there is a very early call and the shoot is at a studio or a hard to get to location. All the information for the pick-up will be in the check–in email that you will receive from your agent/agency the day before the shoot. (Make sure you respond to check-ins ASAP.) Pick up points will usually be central and easy to get to by night bus or cab, for example Charing Cross or King’s Cross stations. You will still have to get yourself to the pick-up point, so ensure that you plan your journey well in advance and that you arrive at least fifteen minutes before the transport is due to depart, to give you time to find the bus, sign on etc. Your pick-up time will be earlier than your call time, so make sure you read the details of the check-in information thoroughly.