Frequently Asked Questions

On Set

Will I get a meal on set?

If you are working a standard working day/night under the Pact/FAA agreement, you are due an hour-long unpaid meal break. Meals may be provided on set. If this is not possible, you will often be given a meal allowance, this is usually a payment added to your chit (not cash). Because of this you should be told in the check-in if food is not being provided, so that you can bring food with you or money to buy food. If this meal break is interrupted to shoot and you do not get the full hour, under the Pact/FAA agreement you are usually due a broken meal payment.

Under the Pact/FAA agreement if you are working a continuous day/night, there are no meal breaks, but you will still be given an opportunity to eat, it will just be a shorter break, or you will be given food-in-hand on set.

If your call is early, breakfast is usually provided. Breakfast is not a relaxed affair, as you have to be readied for the day on set and the schedule is usually pretty tight, so please listen to the directions of the production team and willingly leave your partly eaten scrambled eggs if they require you in hair and make-up!

Always be sure to dispose of your plates/cutlery accordingly and clean up after yourself. It will be much appreciated.