Frequently Asked Questions


How do I sign an agreement via DocuSign?

If a production you are booked for are using POP’s Chitless technology, you may be asked to electronically sign your artist release form (NDA) prior to going on set via Docusign. POP have partnered with Docusign so agents / agencies can offer pre electronic contracting to those productions using Chitless technology.

  • You will receive an email from Docusign. Start by clicking ‘Review the document’ at the top of the email you received via DocuSign. You will be taken to the online portal where you can accept the agreement.
  • To start, first accept the terms of electronic signing (top left) and click ‘Continue’.
  • Click the ‘Start’ tab on the left hand side of the document and this will take you to the first required piece of information. *The first ‘Initials’ box will require you to either draw your signature or adopt the signature/initials created automatically.
  • Click the ‘Next’ tab on the left had side to move onto the next piece of required information.
  • Click the ‘Finish’ button. If you have any problems with the process reply to this email.