Frequently Asked Questions


How do payments work?

Following your day on set, the following steps take place to pay you for the work you have done:

  • The production company will send us either the completed salary vouchers (“chits”) or a report confirming the work completed by all artists on set, and this information is entered into our back office system.
  • You will most of the time be given an opportunity to review the details received from the production company through our job review process to catch any mistakes or omissions.
  • After the review is complete, the agent will invoice the production company for the earnings of all artists on set, this generally happens on a weekly basis for each project.
  • Our back office will regularly monitor production companies for payments against agreed time scales on all agents’ and agencies’ outstanding invoices.
  • The production company will settle the invoice including your payment in to our client account (a designated trust account only used for artist monies).
  • On a weekly basis, we process payroll paying out all cleared funds in the client account, minus any relevant commission, administration fee and any taxes that is legally obliged to be collected.
  • You receive payment directly in to your bank account within a few days.

Our target is that this process is completed within 4 weeks for all projects, but due to factors outside of our or the agent’s and agency’s control (including how long it takes to receive the salary vouchers and payments from production companies) we ask artists to allow 8 weeks for payments to arrive. If there is a delay beyond that, our back office will keep you informed.