Frequently Asked Questions


How does chitless payment work? (How do I get paid without a chit?)

POP technology offers a chitless payment process. On certain projects cast via POP Technology you will be signed in and wrapped out directly via the platform and will not receive a paper chit. Instead all payment information will be recorded on the diary page of your profile. By having a completely online process this means that POP are able to pay our artists faster and save the trees!

Prior to your fitting or shoot day, you may be sent an online digital contract to your email. (For further information please see FAQ ‘How do I sign an agreement via DocuSign) It is necessary to read and sign this contract before going on set.

On the day, you will need to sign in and wrap out with an AD so that your shoot time can be accurately logged on your profile. Any supplementary fees can also be flagged at the end of the day with the AD.

All shoot day and payment information will be imported directly and accurately on to your profile ready for you to view on your diary page on sign in. You will have visibility of provisional figures during your work day, and on wrap these figures will be updated with any overtime or supplementary fees incurred. Please be sure to flag with the AD then and there if you believe there is an indescrepencies with your total due.

Further more you will receive a job review following your work day with a full breakdown of your remittance so that you can check your payment is correct and have the chance to flag any queries prior to an invoice being raised. If you wish to have a hard copy of you earnings you can download remittance as a PDF from the diary page on your profile and print this for your records.