Welcome to POP: The Casting Network

We are very pleased to welcome The Casting Network to the POP agency community.


The Casting Network is a well-established agency that has been operating in extras casting for over sixteen years; with credits that include Eastenders, Final Portrait, Macbeth, The Crown. TCN will now be able to work optimally with its book of artists using POP technology to find, book and pay their artists faster and more efficiently. As with all agencies powered by POP, The Casting Network will also have access to the POP artist community, to increase the range of looks they can provide to their productions.

Their intention is to extend their established resources in The Isle of Man, East Anglia, South Wales and other areas via the POP platform to provide an excellent crowd-casting service nationwide.

Lesley Gogarty:In December 2013, Kate McLaughlin and I began our initial discussions about the POP platform and I am delighted that The Casting Network is now part of the POP agency community”.

I am the most experienced crowd casting expert in the UK, and over the last four decades I have witnessed the many changes to how casting services and payment for SAs are handled. The POP platforms superior search facility means we can get suggestions over to production in a fraction of the time & chitless payments will mean quicker payment for everyone”.

The Casting Network will continue to provide a bespoke service to all our clients whilst maintaining good communication with our SAs. Using our knowledge of the strengths and skills of our SAs together with the search facilities of new POP technology, we intend to continue to raise the bar of casting SAs”.

Another agency on the platform means of course, more work opportunities for our POP artists. More information about each agent and agency can be found on the agents page on our website.

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