POP love match - We met on the set of Star Wars VII

This week on The POPcorn Feed we spoke to Simon and Nicola, two artists from the POP community that fell for each other whilst on the set of Star Wars 7. An amazing love story, take a read below:

How long ago did you meet? Which POP project were you working on?

Simon & Nicola: We were both working on Star Wars Episode VII and met in the summer of 2014.

Were you working together on the scene?

Nicola: Yes, we were both part of the rebel base, which was filmed in Greenham Common and later at Pinewood Studios.

Simon: When I first met Nicola we were at pinewood, she was a pilot and I was rebel (characters!). We were filming scenes in the underground base, so therewasntmuch call for the pilots down there. We mostly chatted whilst between scenes.

What were your first impressions?

Nicola: Well, we started chatting after a few days on set, mainly at Pinewood, and he was just such a genuine and lovely guy (still is!). After the last day of filming I saw him out of costume and was smitten, frankly.

Simon: I couldnt work out her accent at first, I thought she was Irish! She seemed very nice and we got on really well. Its quite funny that when we first met, we were both in full costume!

Did you ever imagine you would meet your partner on set? Thats an amazing dinner party story!

Nicola: I would have never imagined that! I was still new to the country and just hoping to get to know a few people and to have a fun time on set. Then again, Ididnt want to let the opportunity pass by and I do feel verylucky that it worked out the way it did.

Simon: Ha! No not really, I wasnt looking to meet anyone. I remember the last day of filming and everyone was saying good bye and I wanted to make sure I added her onFacebook so we could stay in touch. Turns out she only had Linkedin but that was good enough for me! Not long after she rejoined the world ofFacebook and we started chatting and arranged to meet up. People often ask us how we met, now the movie is out we can say it was on Star Wars!

Have you worked together since on set?

Nicola: Yes, weve workedtogether on Spectre since, mainly on a couple of night scenes in Central London. He played a motorist and I had replaced someone as a police officer. We were put on either side of a barrier tape so it was a really fun scene to shoot.

Simon: Yes, we did a scene together on Spectre. She was a Police officer and I was a motorist. Some of the other SAs knew we were dating and were trying totease us, not naming any names (Hes never late, ever)

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