Chitless FAQs from the POP Community

POP has revolutionised the way artists are paid by pioneering a fast, integrated and eco-friendly, Chitless payment process. POP Chitless technology has now celebrated its ONE YEAR anniversary and is being used on TV and film productions of all scales, across the country.

We understand that moving away from a paper reliant system that has been in place for decades is going to raise a few questions

This past month, we have been speaking to members of the POP community

and have put together answers to some of their most frequently asked questions on Chitless

How can I keep a record of my earnings without a chit?

Instead of creating your own filing system filled with paper chits, all this information is kept securely on the diary page of your POP profile. This page is a full record of your past and present POP earnings and will be automatically updated with each new job completed. There is also an option to download and print full remittance.

Will I still receive a job review before I am paid?

Of course- with chits or without, POP artists are given the chance to review their payment prior to us invoicing production.

How can I review supplementary fees prior to payment?

With Chitless, there are two simple options to ensure that any supplementary fees you may be due are correctly recorded

  1. If you feel that you are due a supplementary fee you can query this with the ADs on wrap. They can directly enter this information onto the platform which will then correctly calculate your rate.
  2. Alternatively, if you forget to highlight this when on set, you still have the chance to query if you are due any possible supplementary fees in your job review.

Can I still handle my National Insurance Contributions without a physical copy of my chit?

Yes, you can download full remittance from the Diary Page to show the team at HMRC.

Will it take longer for payment without a chit?

Quite the contrary by eliminating the paper, POP receives your payment information from production instantly when you wrap on set, rather than waiting several days for the chits to arrive in the post. Once we receive the payment information from production, we can send you your job review (usually within 24-hours) and get things moving! On Bridget Jones Baby artists were paid 2-4 weeks after wrap and after just 2 weeks for ITVs Dark Angel!

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