We Got POP’s Co- founder Kate McLaughlin speaks at the Irish embassy:

The 31st of October might be best known as Halloween, but in the Gaelic world it is known as the festival of Samhain (pronounced sˠaunʲ or sow-in).

While the festival marks the beginning of winter and the ‘darker half’ of the year, this year the Irish Embassy in London hosted an event introduced by the Ambassador, Dan Mulhall, as a celebration of the “living spirit of Ireland”. Bringing together a diverse group of talented Irish Creatives (Brian Gillespie, Sharon Sexton and Kate McLaughlin) for a panel discussion moderated by Dylan Haskins, on their experiences in their respective industries, from dance and theatre to film. The evening was bookended with an outstanding performance from the up and coming Irish band: The Young Folk.

As one of the three panelists of Irish creatives, We Got POP’s co-founder and CEO Kate McLaughlin outlined the genesis of We Got POP as the online platform for production that is enabling the filmmaking community – crew and service providers alike – to connect directly through a marketplace of users. The discussion explored the themes of how national identity and heritage influence the creative form, from the way it can open doorways in the film industry, to the desire to incorporate it into performances and personal expression.

The discussion also touched on Brexit and the impact this is likely to have on the creative industries in the UK, and particularly the challenges posed to Irish creatives and businesses, both in the UK and Ireland, where strong and important links with both the UK and Europe are key.

True to her Irish roots Kate is also hoping a presence in Ireland will be part of POP’s future too!

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