Dr Strange cements Disneys record- breaking year

Disney’s cemented its biggest year to date with the stellar performance in the box office of Dr Strange.The Disney and Marvel film, starring Benedict Cumberbatch, took $43m (£34.3m) between Friday and Sunday.

The storyline is built around a brilliant and infallible surgeon (Benedict Cumberbatch) who turns to magic after a devastating accident prevents him from plying his craft. The story of Doctor Strange may now be globally known, but the character was hardly a household name before the film’s announcement. It seems to be a common theme for Marvel of late- in recent years, the studio has transformed lesser-known superheroes such as Ant-Man or the Guardians of the Galaxy into major box office hits.

The film’s domestic gross reached $153 million in just 10 days since its release. Dr Strange has already passed the lifetime international figures of The Incredible Hulk ($129m), Captain America: The First Avenger($194m), Iron Man ($266m), Thor ($268m), Iron Man 2 ($310m) and Ant-Man ($339m). Overall, Strange‘s worldwide gross is now just shy of $500 million.

The current US Box office Top 5:


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