5 recurring background artists you’ll be surprised you haven’t noticed earlier

We are all guilty of having our entire attention grabbed just by the lead characters of the movie. But the hardworking crew of background artists often aren’t credited enough. Take a look at these recurring stars and brace yourselves for a pang of déjà vu!


Consider him background artist royalty, with over 60 movies and TV shows to his credit. He has worked along with the bigwigs of the directing fraternity (Steven Spielberg, Michael Bay, David Fincher — sound familiar?) In fact, he was personally picked by Michael Bay for the role of an office guy in the ultra modern workplace in Transformers 3. Oh, and he also has the biggest TV shows on his rosters including The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Entourage, My Name Is Earl, Bones, NCIS, Chuck and Monk among many others.


He’s taken up background acting as a full-time profession, and, boy, is he enjoying every minute of it. He started out with featuring in an Indiana Jones movie, and then graduated to a recurring role in the hit TV series Gossip Girl. Later, he went on to star in 100 odd movies and TV shows — College Road Trip, Righteous Kill, Oprah’s TV movie For One More Day, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Sherlock Holmes and Damages.


The sweet Dawn McHargue is the perfect girl next door face that perfectly blends into multiple movies. Dawn has appeared in multiple big budget movies, and prefers to namedrop at parties using Insurgent, The Hunger Games, Iron Man 3, Nashville and Necessary Roughness.


She has been a part of the backdrops for numerous movies including Fair City, Vexed, Ripper Street, Chris Ellie, Flowers of Desire, I am Tiger, This Must Be The Place, Death Of A Superhero, Treasure Island, RAW, Love Hate etc. She has also clocked in hours in the world of TV commercials, including the Lotto and Guinness commercials.


This pretty face has been adding charm to the backdrops of multiple shows now. Her more known works include Tales Of Morrissa, New Girl, Bella and the Bulldogs, Dunes Club and Fresh Off The Boat.

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