The POP Community is changing

In the ever evolving world of film, it is important for our casting platform to reflect the way artists, agents, and production companies are currently working. We have taken on board feedback from all of the different types of users working through POP and how some of their requirements have changed.

With that in mind, we are delighted to share some big news about the POP artist community and the process of becoming a searchable, bookable member.

For those of you who are pending artists (or are thinking of applying): as of December 2017, it is now possible to become a member of the POP Community whether or not you have attended a POP event in the past.

The streamlined process can be completed easily on laptops, tablets and phones, and have artists up and running in a matter of hours.


All we require is that artists upload their ID for POP to check, full measurements and two photos (head and body).

What does this mean?

Great news for artists who have already attended an event and are approved! Your job here is done and you will not need to take any action. You will continue to have the advantages of standing out from the crowd with:

  • Professional POP photographs
  • Verified measurements
  • POP approval
  • A special pro filter on our agents’ search

Pending profiles that have already submitted their photos, ID documents and measurements, will be first in line to join the POP community.

Profiles that are pending, but missing photos, right to work documents or measurements will need to update their profile and email POP. You can find out how below:


To join the POP Community we require…..

ID Upload

  • Passport or national ID (If UK or EU citizen)
  • Passport with accompanying visa or equivalent (Non EU citizen)
  • Birth certificate and an official document showing National Insurance number and full name (UK citizen but passport unavailable)
  • If you are based in the US this section does not apply to you


Headshot: Recent, clear and against a white background. Shoulders and above. Minimal make-up and neutral facial expression

Body shot: Recent, clear and against a white background. From the knees up with arms by your side. Neutral pose and facial expression

One of the wonderful POP team

Not like this please:

These are less than ideal


Casting agents and agencies often search for artists by measurements due to specific costume requirements. Artists will only appear in those searches if their full measurements in the ‘Appearance’ section are complete.

And that’s it!

Please be sure to follow the instructions that have been sent to you and respond to that email when complete!

If you haven’t yet received an email, check your junk mail or drop us a line at for further info.

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