Hello America, nice to meet you.

Hello America, how’s it going? We are We Got POP (you can call us POP) and it’s our mission to take old-fashioned paper (and pen!) based production processes and make them easier, simpler and more efficient with our awesome cloud based technology.

Since 2014, we’ve enabled casting directors and agencies across the UK to exclusively cast major projects like Star Wars: The Force Awakens as well as supporting major film franchises like Jurassic World 2 and Paddington 2 with our time saving booking software and diverse community of artists. Check out more of our credits on our homepage here.

POP’s award-winning business & collaborative approach

We are more than a little proud of our young, ambitious business and what we’ve achieved in just a few short years in the booming UK film and TV industries.

Here’s just a selection of the startup and entrepreneurial awards we’ve won to date:

We’ve spent the last 5 years working closely with casting directors and agencies in the UK to build a platform that works for them. We’re big believers in collaboration and always want to ensure our users can help shape our service.

As we launch into the US, we’re bringing hands-on experience, award-winning tech and a team of industry experts to the table including Pinewood Studios, one of the earliest investors in POP.

Now POP want to revolutionize the US film industry

Whilst the POP team does love tea, fish and chips and tutting at the weather; we also love pizza, complaining about the MTA, and going to the Bodega in our pajamas at 3am. We’re super excited to launch across the US into key film and TV production markets. Following our UK success, we’re confident that our software can help to revolutionize the $100.8 billion US market too.

In July of last year we soft launched in New York, working closely with our first 7 extras casting companies who are getting ahead of the game and helping us shape the platform. Some of the early adopters who are using our cutting-edge technology to fuel their casting businesses are; Grant Wilfley Casting, Waldron Casting and Roman Candle Casting on major projects including Showtime’s Billions, CBS’ Bull and FX’s The Americans. Established casting directors Amy Hutchings and Heidi Eklund are also keen advocates of POP.

As 2018 kicks into gear, we’re focusing on building key relationships with more casting directors and companies, expanding our community of artists and launching into other markets including Georgia and California. Our US team on the ground, have in the last 6 months alone, sourced, curated and grown a Background Actor community of 10,000+.

We’re in high demand and a small team, so do drop us a line if you’d like us to come to your region! adam@wegotpop.com

Alessandra Rohde: Account Manager We Got POP

“POP has helped make this collaborative industry even more efficient and seeing the excitement from Casting Directors using the platform gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. Our work in NYC has been a blast and I couldn’t be more excited about launching into new markets in 2018!”

Anita Daswani: Background Artist in the POP Community, NYC

“POP is a revolutionary platform for both seasoned actors and rookies alike. It’s a resource that enables casting directors to do the legwork to find us—giving actors a breather from the continual hunt for steady work. The site and app are easy to use and the fees are reasonable. I couldn’t ask for more.”

We’re growing fast and have already helped casting directors and agencies cast for some major projects, to gain an edge on your competition email adam@wegotpop.com to discuss your casting needs or request a POP demo.

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