The Original Chitless: New Payment Plugin

Automating calculations for the PACT/Equity agreement for Supporting Artists.

PACT/Equity launched their new agreement for supporting artists as of 1st January 2020. The agreement ensures supporting artists working in the regions are remunerated to reflect the excellent work they do. The updated agreement stipulates that each individual supporting artist on set is remunerated for areas of work such as mileage, travel expenses and broken turn around. We’ve created a new payment plugin for our InfoSec approved Chitless technology which integrates these calculations to support all productions moving across to the new PACT/Equity rates. It’s been live since December and is being used by POP powered casting agents and agencies.

Without a paperless Chitless technology the updated calculations for the new PACT/Equity agreement will need to be calculated manually for every supporting artist on set. Productions working with a POP powered casting agent or agencies have free access to POP’s Chitless technology and compliance features.

POP’s Chitless technology provides PACT/Equity productions with:

  • Auto-calculation of rates and supplementary fees
  • Calculation of broken turnaround if an SA works within 12 hours of their previous wrap time, as per the new PACT/Equity agreement
  • Calculation of mileage as per the new PACT/Equity agreement
  • Ability to record travel expenses as per the new PACT/Equity agreement
  • Accurate and live sign-in and wrap-out times
  • Access to electronic contracting of release forms and NDAs via Docusign
  • Immediate and downloadable access to crowd hot costs and AD reports at the end of each day
  • POP can provide passport copies, NI numbers, DOBs for all SAs to accompany invoices
  • Artist Job review prior to invoices raised
  • Facilitates and supports pensions auto-enrolment and postponement for SAs
  • Automated remittance slips and payslips
  • And is 100% free to productions!

We’re currently awaiting details of the new PACT FAA agreement for supporting artists. We’ll share details of our product updates to support the new agreement in due course.

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