Empowering the next wave of production accountants

Last week the POP team was delighted to participate in the biannual Netflix Assistant Production Accounting Scheme (NAPATS), hosted by Netflix and the Production Guild.

NAPATS is designed to give people with accountancy skills the opportunity to work in the production accounts department on Netflix productions across the UK.

Over the session, which took place at Pinewood Studios, KJ Lamb, Payroll Customer Success Manager, and Simon Donovan, Head of Business Development, discussed the day-to-day world of the production accountant and how the Production Portal is transforming the industry.

It was a pleasure to meet such a great group of trainees - intelligent, engaged and enthusiastic. I enjoyed sharing both the POP vision and my past industry experience. I can’t wait to see all the trainees out on productions; the industry is in good hands.

KJ Lamb, Payroll Customer Success Manager, POP

While we celebrate the UK production boom, we continue to hear from the industry how the current record level of film and TV drama production is creating an unprecedented skills shortage. In this context, initiatives such as NAPATS and those run by the Elstree Screen Arts Centre of Screen Excellence - which aim to open up the industry to new and diverse talent - are more important than ever.

Having the opportunity to meet the next generation of accountants and discuss the ways in which technology can make all of our lives easier was a joy. I wish all the trainees every success as they look to venture into the amazing world of production and hope these much-needed training sessions continue, helping us to attract diverse talent to our industry and supporting the need for crew in the UK.

Simon Donovan, Head of Business Development, POP

Thank you to Netflix, the Production Guild and freelance trainer Lucy Drake for giving us the opportunity to share our vision for the film and TV industry.

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