Working with supporting artists in 2022: what ADs need to know

The UK film and TV production industry is booming. A record £5.6b was spent making blockbusters in 2021, with the streaming wars adding to this unprecedented demand for content. While this is great news for our industry, it has led to an acute skills shortage, with people moving up the AD ladder quickly.

To help, Katie Weekes, Global Head of the Casting Portal, teamed up with Emily Collin and Spencer Macdonald from Bectu to discuss the ins and outs of working with supporting artists and best practices for ADs.

This webinar covers:

  • The Pact/FAA agreement and 2022 rate changes.
  • Guidance for managing supporting artists as Covid-19 restrictions lift.
  • Production company liabilities and obligations.
  • Practical steps ADs can take to comply with industry best practices.

We also show you why the Casting Portal is the most widely adopted casting technology in the world, powering 70% of background casting in the UK.

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