NatWest everywomen Awards

NatWest everywoman Award

From Dagenham to The Dorchester- NatWest everywomen Awards On Wednesday I was invited to attend the 2016 NatWest everywoman Awards, with our Co-founder and CEO Kate McLaughlin, who was one of only three finalists for the Iris Award. The Award recognises inspirational women who run their own businesses, that use technology in an innovative and disruptive way, Kate’s nomination is...

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Dr Strange cements Disneys record- breaking year


Disney’s cemented its biggest year to date with the stellar performance in the box office of Dr Strange. The Disney and Marvel film, starring Benedict Cumberbatch, took $43m (£34.3m) between Friday and Sunday. The storyline is built around a brilliant and infallible surgeon (Benedict Cumberbatch) who turns to magic after a devastating accident prevents him from plying his craft. The...

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  We Got POP (POP) is thrilled to officially announce a top casting agent has joined their ever- expanding film production network. Tara Keenan, ex-Casting Director of 2020 Casting and crowd casting agent on Steven Spielberg’s READY PLAYER ONE starring Simon Pegg is the latest addition to the platform which connects the film community. Powered by POP technology, Keenan has...

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UK Buyers at American Film Market may receive a slight reprieve since ‘Brexit’ court ruling:


On Wednesday the 2nd November, in Santa Monica, the annual American Film Market (AFM) kicked off. The AFM is a marketplace where industry professionals conduct business and a place where production and distribution deals are closed. In just eight days, over $1 billion in business will be sealed —this is both on completed films and those in every stage of...

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We Got POP’s Co- founder Kate McLaughlin Speaks at the Irish Embassy:

Panel Discussion featuring Kate McLaughlin.

The 31st of October might be best known as Halloween, but in the Gaelic world it is known as the festival of Samhain (pronounced  [sˠaunʲ] or sow-in). While the festival marks the beginning of winter and the ‘darker half’ of the year, this year the Irish Embassy in London hosted an event introduced by the Ambassador, Dan Mulhall, as a...

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Communication is Key


How often do we see a two-way conversation between actors who are communicating by text in a film or television programme? Also, how often do we see the character’s computer screen whilst they are replying to an email or browsing the internet? Rarely. But why is this? Why are modern human interactions such as texts or emailing, even in these...

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POP Hosts Summer User Event

Battersea Barge

  This summer the POP team got their sea legs on and hopped aboard The Barge at Battersea. It was a warm summer night and we were all looking forward to spending quality time with the agents and agencies who cast through the platform, whilst listening to our guest speaker for the evening; Greg Dillon, a brand strategy consultant. If that wasn’t...

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POP: A new way of working for ADs and bookers

POP on set

Are you an AD looking for more flexibility in your working life, or have you worked as a booker but left the industry because you wanted to be independent and better compensated for the long hours you put in? If so, POP’s technology could revolutionise the way you work. In as little as 24 hours, POP can have you set...

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Welcome to POP: Greenlight Casting


Please join us in welcoming our newest agent to the POP platform: Francesca Houlder, founder of Greenlight Casting. For the past 12 years Francesca has worked for various media organisations, broadcasters and production companies, so has an excellent knowledge of the industry. She is passionate about casting and has expertise in commercial productions, corporate videos and photographic projects, having been...

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Chitless FAQs from the POP Community


POP has revolutionised the way artists are paid by pioneering a fast, integrated and eco-friendly, Chitless payment process. POP Chitless technology has now celebrated its ONE YEAR anniversary and is being used on TV and film productions of all scales, across the country. We understand that moving away from a paper reliant system that has been in place for decades...

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