PACT/Equity rates for Supporting Artists as of 1st January 2020

The updated PACT/Equity rates are below. We will endeavour to keep these rates as up to date as possible. Please check out our FAQs or if you are an artist please email if you have any questions.

PACT/Equity Minimum Rates

Applicable engagement date Basic Fee Holiday Pay Overtime (per 30 mins) Costume Fitting (up to 5 hours) Public Holiday/Night Call Enhancement Public Holiday/Night Call Overtime (per 30 mins)
1st Jan 2020 - 31st Dec 2020 £95 £10.23 £7.92 £47.50 £47.50 £15.84
1st Jan 2021 - 31st Dec 2021 £97 £10.45 £8.08 £48.50 £48.50 £16.16
1st Jan 2022 - 5th April 2022 £99 £10.66 £8.25 £49.50 £49.50 £16.50

Supplementary Fees

Supplementary Payments are not subject to an annual increase

SP1 (Creative Contribution) £30

SP2 (Performance Skill)

£25 per applicable performance skill

SP2.1 - Swimming £25
SP2.2 - Driving £25
SP2.3 - Dancing £25
SP2.4 - Horse Riding £25
SP2.5 - Supervised Firearms £25

SP3 (Provision of Personal Property/Service)

£20 per applicable provision of personal service/property

SP3.1 Change of clothing £20
SP3.2 Special clothing £20
SP3.3 Hair cuts £20
SP3.4 Inclement weather/wetting down £20
SP3.5 Provision of a vehicle £20

Meal Allowances

Where catering is not provided by the producer.

Meal Allowance
Breakfast £5
Lunch £5
Dinner £10

Travel Allowances

Travel allowances are subject to amendment as per HMRC guidelines.

Vehicle Allowance
Car (or similar) 45p per mile
Motorcycle 24p per mile
Bike 20p per mile

Where the above does not apply the Producer will reimburse reasonable expenses upon production of applicable receipts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ on the PACT/Equity rates for 2020 has some clarifications and details on the new rates and allowances.