Developer manager

We are looking for an experienced technical leader who loves working with people as much as they love coding.

We are a young company that is growing into an international business. At the heart of what we do is helping agents to find great background artists to cast in films. Our platform takes away all of the pain of dealing with paperwork and allowances on the film set.

Part of growing as a business is growing a great team, helping people work together effectively and nurturing and developing their talents. You will be comfortable coaching developers and helping them develop their skills and career. You will help them set clear objectives for themselves, keep them accountable for their progress and help and mentor their success.

You will split your time roughly equally between working on code and management duties. However when problems arise you will be able to lead by example and help other members of the team resolve the technical challenges they face.

Ideally we want someone who loves working in the creative industries and who wants to work in an environment when they are close to their customers and stakeholders. Someone who enjoys adapting and responding to the opportunities that a rapidly evolving business offers.

You will be reporting directly to the head of engineering and will have a number of reports in the development team. You will help the head of engineering to deliver the quarterly objectives for the team as a whole, contributing wherever help is needed most or you feel you can make the biggest difference.

You can read about our technology stack but familiarity with the lanaguages we use is less important than having experience of designing, building and running systems at a reasonable scale.

We are based in East London and offer parental leave, parent-friendly flexi-time, Perkbox membership and a pension.

Interview process

We have written about our interview process so you can understand what is involved before you apply.

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