Junior Technical Implementation Manager

Why do we need to hire you?

POP provides a rich platform that helps our clients manage all their collaborators in one place. To deliver this we are looking for a Junior Technical Implementation Manager to manage the configurable information we customise and manage on behalf of our users. This includes the type of employment contracts people have, what information people need to fill out when they join a production and the logic of who can see which information. All of this and more can be bespoke for each of our clients.

Our technical implementation managers work with our clients and their account managers to decide how best to configure our platform to deliver the right experience for the production and all the crew and cast working on it.

You’ll be part of that process, helping set up the right configuration, breaking down client documentation so that it can be used dynamically on the platform and translating standard agreements and rate cards into our dynamic calculations.

This role will report to the technical implementation manager and will be part of the customer delivery team.

Skills required


  • Attention to detail:

    We are translating a paper process into a digital one and we need to accurately reproduce what happens in our client’s current process and make sure the digital version works as expected

  • Strong English language skills:

    Much of the work will involve legal agreements and language, you have to be able to understand and where the platform dynamically generates such agreements that the result makes sense syntactically, legally and from a general readability point of view

  • Logical:

    You will be configuring a complicated technology platform where providing incorrect or contradictory instructions will result in a broken or unusable product, you need to be able to anticipate how different options will interact and combine to result in the behaviour you want the system to have

  • At ease with technology


  • Familiarity with a templating technology (mail merge, email newsletters, template engines)
  • Experience in the entertainment industry, particularly television
  • Exposure to basic HTML and CSS

POP - who we are & what we’re building

We’re the UK’s leading FilmTech startup and we’re leading global film and television production into a connected, digital, standardised future. Backed by Octopus Ventures, Pinewood Studios and prominent angel investors we’ve raised £3.5M to date and are headquartered in London and NY.

The film and television industries have been very slow to adapt to change. POP is driving the revolution.

Our proprietary technology has powered major movies, television series and commercials; including the Star Wars and Marvel franchises, The Crown, Killing Eve and Empire.

We stand apart from the crowd because we’re founded and helmed by ex-industry professionals plus we have an expert in-house product development team and industry-leading engineering capability. Working at POP is a unique opportunity to drive category creation, be bold in leading true industry disruption and make a real impact on our company growth and evolution.

People are at the centre of our industry and our business, and we’re looking for team-members who can embrace and contribute to building a culture of shared success and opening opportunities.

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