Lead fullstack developer

We have built a marketplace where casting agents can discover and cast great background artists for projects. Once cast we simplify the on-set experience and make it easy for artists to interact with assistant directors.

We aim to provide the technology that handles all the administration around casting and let people focus on making great films.

We are looking for a developer and collaborative technical leader who wants to help us deliver this vision and help us expand it to other areas of film production.


What do we mean by “fullstack developer”?

You can read this blog post that describes our vision of a fullstack developer

What is your stack?

Our core stack is made of up of web technologies (HTML, CSS), Python, Javascript, Postgres and AWS. We are always experimenting with new technologies and are prepared to add and remove elements as we try to find great solutions.

What do we mean by a “lead” developer?

We are a small development team of 10 to 15 people. We don’t have strict team groups so we need people who are comfortable with fluid, collaborative leadership but have the drive to deliver for our customers. You’ll be a leader but with the ability to inspire and persuade ohter people to follow you.

What is it like working at POP?

It is exciting and creative; lots of things are happening all across the business. Our clients are working on huge complicated projects with tight deadlines that move a lot. Our platform supports the production of big budget movies with hundreds of artists and crew.

We are growing changing and evolving, the company will be different six months after you join. New opportunities will come up and products will be explored. We are about responding to change not just churning out a road map.

We are a young company so we rely on people communicating, showing initiative and being interested in their colleague’s work rather than having processes and procedures. We rely more on engaged people working together to achieve great results.

Why should you work for POP?

We’re tackling a hard problem in a fun domain. We’re small enough that you get to interact directly with our users and customers and you’ll have a chance to shape the common culture as it evolves.

We’re interested in technology and we’re using it to do something more fun than make people click on ads or order more takeaway.

Interview process

We have described our interview process so you can understand what is involved before you apply.

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