Senior or lead frontend developer

We are a young small business that is steadily growing our portfolio and becoming a transatlantic company. At the heart of what we do is helping agents to find great background artists to cast in films. Our platform takes away all of the pain of dealing with paperwork and allowances on the film set.

More recently we’ve been removing the administration pain behind the camera by working with production offices to take a people-centric view of managing their productions.

Now we need help building our own team.

Who we are looking for

We need to someone to do the hard work to make frontend development simple for the rest of our fullstack team. We need someone to help create flexible and powerful approaches to frontend development that allows people to focus on business problems not complex toolchains.

You won’t be a framework zealot but instead have experience of multiple frontend technologies. Ideally you’ll also be comfortable working with legacy frontend code and understand what to keep and what to change. You will also know that frontend technologies change frequently and will have a sensible approach to trialling and assessing new ideas as well as tidying up the codebase if they don’t work out.

You’ll support the rest of the team to deliver quickly, consistently and sustainably.


You will need to know the standard frontend skills of HTML5, CSS and Javascript.

You will have worked on legacy codebases and understand why people used to love JQuery. However you will have used modern frameworks like React, Angular or Vue.

Beyond this the more fullstack you are the more autonomous you’ll be. You can find out more about our technology stack on our StackShare page.

Being willing to learn these skills is just as important as having them today so please don’t be put off if you don’t know these things yet. The interview process will take into consideration how you’ve developed your skills to date.

For the most senior element of this position you would also have to demonstrate technical and people leadership. Tell us how you’ve planned and delivered complex projects before and how you’ve worked with other people to make your delivery a success.

What we’ve doing recently

After trying a few CSS in JS packages we’ve settled on using CSS Modules which have allowed us to mix our historic Less CSS with static sheets, inline page styles, component styling and a styleguide library.

We’ve linked some of our historic jQuery rendering to the React Redux stores allowing a mix of presentation from the same synchronised state.

We’ve gone through a whole upgrade cycle on Node, Webpack and Babel cutting down our build times.

We have also changed our minimum browser checking to allow us to focus more on evergreen browsers, keeping only a few pages on a broader browser support.

Reporting and responsibilities

You will be reporting directly to the head of development and will have a mixture of important direct delivery responsibility and strategic development to support the longer-term future of the code base.

Alternative job titles

We know that the industry has a lot of different ways of describing the same job. A comparable title for this job might be: Frontend architect or Frontend technical lead.


  • Pension
  • 25 days leave
  • Maternity/Paternity/Adoption leave
  • Perkbox subscription

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