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Do more with less on your own terms with POP

With POP, you can double your workload with the same team - instead of 5 bookers, 10,000 man days can be cast by 2-3 Casting Associates quickly and easily, all in one place.

  • Dr Strange (5,000 man days) was cast by one extras casting director
  • Wonder Woman (7,000+ man days) was cast by one Casting Director and one Casting Assistant

If you’re ambitious, well-connected, love what you do and love the industry, then this is THE opportunity for you.

With POP technology behind the scenes, you’ll have full tech and team support so you can focus on doing what you do best - building relationships, brilliant casting and putting your name on the casting map as the future of the industry.

Why POP?

Built by the industry for the industry, POP technology is redefining production. You love casting, you value your network and you’re ambitious. With the POP Casting Portal and support, you could follow in the footsteps of ECDs and single-handedly secure and cast the entire background for the biggest productions in the world - earning the reward you deserve for your work.

Why wait to make the leap?

Without POP, we couldn’t have taken on this many pilots. At short notice, we were able to come up with the people needed for whole shows.

Jessica Needham, Managing Director, 4 Star Casting, Chicago

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Introducing POP

POP technology has powered over 1,000 movies, TV series and commercials including; Star Wars, Ready Player One, Wonder Woman, Dr Strange, Spectre & Skyfall, The Crown, Empire, The OA, Succession and The Last Summer…

POP was founded in 2014 by AD, Kate McLaughlin, excited by a new way of doing things. Built by the industry, for the industry, we launched with a very clear mission: to revolutionise production with technology.

POP in numbers:

  • Used on over 1,000 films, TV series and commercials
  • Founded in 2014, London
  • $3 million in investment
  • 50% of UK productions powered by POP
  • 2 offices - Brooklyn, NYC and London
  • 4 US casting clients recently up and running

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