Five minutes with... Oak Aitken

Oak Aitken, Assistant Accountant used POP’s Production Portal to manage payroll digitally for increased speed, accuracy and auditability on Roadkill, The Forge Entertainment’s four-part fictional thriller written by David Hare for BBC1.

Here Oak shares five quick insights into their experience of working in Film & TV.

What do you love about working in film and TV?

I love that it’s a project that evolves and you get a fairly clear finish and end. It’s like chapters of a book.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt on the job?

Value your friends, for all the thousands of people I’ve met, finding a connection is rare.

What was the most exciting thing that happened on your last job?

My job took me to Tallinn, Estonia – I met some really lovely people from all over Europe on the production.

How is new technology changing your work?

Technology is promising to take out the laborious elements and free up more time for me to have the answers to questions before they are asked.

What is your experience of working with POP?

Working with POP has been very exciting, they are good listeners and team members, keeping things fresh with innovation.

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