Secure your data with the Production Portal

The Production Portal is the workforce platform for smarter production. As well as being vetted by the information security teams of major studios and production companies, our cloud-based platform includes a range of features which help you to protect your data.

A computer information security program

You can control which crew can access your data

Access permissions let you control who can see your data. You can make sure that your production and accounts teams only have access to the information they need - and only for as long as they need it.

An extra level of production company permissions allow you to protect your most sensitive data (eg, rates reports across your productions). And for added peace of mind, certain tasks (eg, exporting all of the data on a project) always have to go through the POP team.

You can send secure messages

You can send secure messages directly via the platform using our Distro tool. As well as having a record of what’s been sent (and to whom), you can add extra security measures which aren’t possible with traditional messaging services.

This is even more important in the wake of a recent Information Commissioner’s Office decision, which fined an organisation £10,000 for failing to apply appropriate organisational and technical security measures to its internal email systems.

You can see who’s agreed to your data policies - and who hasn’t!

Our handy summary pages let you see at a glance who‘s read and signed your data protection and privacy policies,and who needs a nudge. You’ll also have a clear audit trail of evidence around your robust processes in the event of an incident or insurance claim.

You can protect your IP

Personalised watermarking helps to deter the misuse of sensitive documents, such as scripts. Plus it’s quick! Watermark your document and send it to as many recipients as you choose in under one minute.

You can protect your crew’s personal information

Keep all of your personal data (eg, start forms, deal memos, contracts, right to work documents and fit to work data) in one secure place and restrict access to those who need it.

You can also create a digitised Contact List, which crew can access securely from their device. You can control who appears on the list and who has access and quickly remove access permissions as soon as someone leaves.

You can respond to data requests and manage your crew’s data rights

By keeping everything in one centralised system, POP gives you full visibility over the data you hold and streamlines the deletion process - no more trawling through spreadsheets, personal devices and stacks of paper to find everything.

You can respond with confidence to data subject access requests and make sure you’re not holding certain data (eg, fit to work and health declarations) for longer than permitted.

For more information on information security and how the Production Portal can help you to keep your data secure, check out POP’s guide to information security.

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