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Take the hours and errors out of background casting, and the guesswork out of compliance

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Rise to any casting challenge with impressive speed and control. Find, book, manage and pay supporting artists, with POP's technology doing the work of a small army.

Reduce exposure

You can ensure every supporting artist is contracted and compliant with local regulations. From Covid-19, to pensions, to data security – you can run a tighter ship.

Total visibility

Stay in control, with a live, true view of what's happening across your projects. Have visibility from booking to payment, be alert to any status changes, and monitor costs.

Boost business

Transform efficiencies into revenue and growth. Do more with less and pursue bigger opportunities with confidence.

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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
Avenue 5
Wonder Woman 1984
Death on the Nile
The Crown Season 4
No Time to Die
The Dig
The Great Season 2
The Last Duel
Venom Let There Be Carnage
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Powerful casting at your fingertips


Search POP's community of over 100,000 supporting artists, or your own, from a single platform. Pinpoint matches in minutes, filtering by look, location, availability, experience, skills and more.


Select and book hundreds of people in just a few clicks. Save time with bulk messaging, templates and questionnaires and create a lookbook in seconds, not hours.


Handle last minute schedule changes with the click of a button. Track forms at a glance and get everything signed and compliant before anyone steps on set.


Record hours digitally, without the queues, errors or overtime. Pay all your people simply, accurately and compliantly with POP’s InfoSec approved Chitless technology.

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